Erlebnis Großglockner

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Mountain Guides Heiligenblut


The mountain guides assocciation of Heiligenblut was founded in 1870. It's the story of a live in the mountains from the past to the present. Since the early days of alpinism knowledge and experience were forwarded to give those who trust in our skills a safe experience in the mountains - to dive untroubled into the world of nature!

Tourenbild Weg der ErstbesteigerBishop Salm Route - Way of first ascent

Comparing to all other ascents of Grossglockner this one is concerning the scenery and lonelines and its historical importance probably the most rewarding!





The ascent of Grossglockner with a professional guide is a perfect gift for passioned mountain climbers and adventurous people!





Blick in die Nordseite des Großglockner

Heiligenblut am Großglockner