Bestellung (18)

"In the east the summit of Hochalmspitze is rising, in the south the fascinating dolomites, in the west the summit of Großvenediger is greeting and in the north the breathtaking view to the Watzmann -

and you are standing reverential in the middle!"

This could be your personal feelings when you reach with us the summit of Grossglockner and enjoy the unique panorama around!


Normal Ways

The mountain guides of Heiligenblut prefer the way of first ascent over the Salm hut. This ascent takes a little longer than the normal way from Kals, but its loneliness and breathtaking scenery in the Leiter valley offer a great view into the National Park High Tauern!

  • Bishop Salm Route – Way Of First Ascent

    After the first ascent of Grossglockner in 1800 this route became the standard way to climb the summit. It lead from Heiligenblut through the Leiter valley. Nowadays this route is a real insiders tip! It is not that high frequented than the normal route from Kals and its fantastic landscape…

  • Hoffmanns Route

    The Hoffmanns Route is the most challenging route of the normal ways to the Grossglockner. Experience in crossing steep glaciers is necessary. In high summer when the Hoffmanns Glacier looses all its snowcover and ice is appearing this route is mostly done by experienced alpinists. As an alternative the beautiful…

  • Old Kalser Way

    The so called Old Kalser Way is the easiest way from the southside onto the Großglockner and nowadays the most used. From the Kalser Glocknerstrasse to the Luckner hut and to the Stüdl hut it only takes 2,5 hours of easy hiking; further crossing the glacier called Ködnitzkees (beware of…

Mountain Ridges

The Meletzki Ridge is the easiest and one of the most beautiful ridge ascents! The ridge itself is very well bolted by our mountain guides.
Of course we also offer leads to all the other ridges on the highest mountain of Austria!

  • Glockner Face

    The crossing of Glockner Face is a very long and challenging attempt, which requires good conditions and stable weather! Steep and exposed rock climbing and ice passages are demanding routine in high alpine climbing. Including the summit of Grossglockner over the north west ridge this tour is a very impressive…

  • Meletzki Ridge

    The ridges and ice couloires on Grossglockner are one of the best in the Eastern Alps. To do these routes good physical and mental qualities, footsure climbing and having a good head for heights is obligatory. Good planing of the tour and fast and safe belaying is necessary, skills which our…

  • Stuedl Ridge

    The Stuedl Ridge is one of the most famous and popular routes to the summit of Grossglockner. Requirements in technique and fitness are higher than on the normal routes. Starting from the Stuedl Hut at 2800 the Teischnitz Glaciar is crossed up to the Luisen Gap where the 600 meter…


Steep Ice Couloirs/North Face

Take the chance to climb the north face couloires on Grossglockner!

The famous couloirs like Pallavicini Couloir, Mayerl Ramp and Bergler Couloir loose a bit more of their ice bulk every year, that's why climbing them get's more and more difficult.

Examples of changes throughout the last years:

  • Pallavicini Couloir - in the last years the last pitches changed from a 55° steep ice climb into rock climbing at UIAA grade V.
  • Bergler Couloir - can only be climbed in a short time gap in spring because half of the ice bulk has melted.
  • Mayerl Ramp - the ice bulk in the 70° steep couloire is fairly thin!

  • Mayerl Ramp

    The Mayerl Ramp with difficulty WI4 70° is one of the steepest ice climbs on Grossglockner. Starting from Glockner Bivvy through the Facilides Couloir the ramp ends below Glockner Horn. From there on an exposed rock climb UIAA diff. IV over the North West Ridge leads to the summit. The…

  • Pallavicini Couloir

    The Pallavicini Couloir is the most famous ice climb on Grossglockner! Because the ice was melting constantly through the last years the 55° steep couloir is meanwhile a challenging ice- and mixed route, which is not possible to climb the whole year. Knowing the conditiones on the mountain please contact…



The ascent of Grossglockner with a professional guide is a perfect gift for passioned mountain climbers and adventurous people!