Alpine Hazards

While climbing Grossglockner (and other mountains) there can occur certain hazards any time. Therefore we recommend to use the experience of a local mountain guide, because nobody knows better about the actual situation on the mountain (weatherconditions, hazardous areas,... )!


Sudden Thunderstorms

Because of its exposure on Grossglockner sudden thunderstorms are dreaded; the difficulty on Stüdl Ridge and all other ridges increases significantly when getting wet, snowy or icy; in case of fog the navigation on the summit is nearly impossible - acute danger of fall down to the north- and southside! Thunderstorms can occur within very short time, then all around the summit there is a high risk of lightning stroke. Every year the summit cross gets probably hundrets of lightning strokes, mountain climbers can hardly ever survive even one of them.


This is a fairly 'new' hazard on Grossglockner! Due to constant reduction of the glaciers danger of rockfall increases; mountain climbers are especially in the Pallavicini Coulier and on the normal way beneath Kleinglockner in danger of falling rocks (also depending on the season!).

Insufficient Skills

Insufficient skills are being tightened due to exposure and narrow paths in the area of the summit; a lot of climbers struggle on the 'Glocknerleitl' or on the 'Glocknerscharte' (this is a very narrow and exposed gap between Grossglockner and Kleinglockner). A lot of rope teams use wrong belaying techniques and are restraining other climbers. (see picture!)

Faulty Equipment

Unroped climbers wearing no crampones are seen often. They bring themselves and others in danger of fatal accidents!


Basically you have to be on the rope an a glacier! This is the only way to avoid a fatal fall into a crevase!

  • Choose the right distance on the rope Danger of crevase  -> long rope distance; danger of fall climbing steep slopes -> short rope distance
  • Avoid 2-man-rope teams on glaciers -> Danger of drag into the crevase!
  • Discipline on the rope (always keep the rope tightly)