Historic Information

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First documentary mention as "Glocknerer"

1779 und 1781

First travel documentation from Belsazar Hacquet about his mineralogical-botanical journey to the mountain Grossglockner

1799 und 1800

The prince-bishop of Gurk, Franz Xaver Altgraf of Salm was initiator and financier of the scientific expedition for the first ascent of Grossglockner

28. Juli 1800

First ascent of the Salm expedition done by the two carpenters Martin and Sepp Klotz and priest Hautzendorfer from the village of Rangersdorf


The first woman on Grossglockner was Sidonia Schmidl, a fearless girl from Heiligenblut. Because jealous men did not want her to climb the summit she did a trick and wore man's trousers! Dressed like this she reached the summit of Grossglockner in attendance of the mountain guide Anton Granögger.


Founding of the mountain guides assocciation Heiligenblut


Margrave Alfred Pallavicini ("the strongest man from Vienna") climbed with three mountain guides from Heiligenblut the 900 metres long ice couloir on Grossglockner north face, known from there on as the 'Pallavicini Couloir'. Therefore one of the guides was picking 2.500 steps into the ice. Pallavicini died 10 years later directly near 'his' famous couloir.


After the first summit cross was destroyed by lightning stroke the actual cross was built up by mountain guides in honor to the silver wedding anniversary of Kaiser Franz Josef and Kaiserin Elisabeth. It was designed by the viennese dome master builder Schmid, built by railwaymen from Klagenfurt and the metal came from Hüttenberg in Carinthia, which is the hometown of the famous alpinist and explorer Heinrich Harrer.