Portfolio Category: Grossglockner Mountain Ridges

Glockner Face

The crossing of Glockner Face is a very long and challenging attempt, which requires good conditions and stable weather! Steep and exposed rock climbing and ice passages are demanding routine in high alpine climbing. Including the summit of Grossglockner over the north west ridge this tour is a very impressive ridgecrossing, definitely one of the...
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Meletzki Ridge

The ridges and ice couloires on Grossglockner are one of the best in the Eastern Alps. To do these routes good physical and mental qualities, footsure climbing and having a good head for heights is obligatory. Good planing of the tour and fast and safe belaying is necessary, skills which our mountain guides are well trained...
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Stuedl Ridge

The Stuedl Ridge is one of the most famous and popular routes to the summit of Grossglockner. Requirements in technique and fitness are higher than on the normal routes. Starting from the Stuedl Hut at 2800 the Teischnitz Glaciar is crossed up to the Luisen Gap where the 600 meter high Stuedl Ridge starts right...
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