Portfolio Category: Großglockner Normalways

Bishop Salm Route – Way Of First Ascent

After the first ascent of Grossglockner in 1800 this route became the standard way to climb the summit. It lead from Heiligenblut through the Leiter valley. Nowadays this route is a real insiders tip! It is not that high frequented than the normal route from Kals and its fantastic landscape is a real pleasure to...
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Hoffmanns Route

The Hoffmanns Route is the most challenging route of the normal ways to the Grossglockner. Experience in crossing steep glaciers is necessary. In high summer when the Hoffmanns Glacier looses all its snowcover and ice is appearing this route is mostly done by experienced alpinists. As an alternative the beautiful rock climbing on the Meletzki...
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Old Kalser Way

The so called Old Kalser Way is the easiest way from the southside onto the Großglockner and nowadays the most used. From the Kalser Glocknerstrasse to the Luckner hut and to the Stüdl hut it only takes 2,5 hours of easy hiking; further crossing the glacier called Ködnitzkees (beware of one big crevasse before...

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