Mountainguides Office Heiligenblut:

Our office is a pure procurementcenter for the mountain guides! Therefor we assume no liabilities for harms or conflicts with second or third party. Regarding potential contestation please always contact your personal mountain guide! Regarding all other claims please contact the office via e-mail, this will be forwarded to the responsible mountain guide!

Our mountainguides always try to lead as safe as possible and conform to all possible situations during the tour. Nevertheless objective danger can occur anytime, therefor no absolute safety can be assured!

The registration should be done as early as possible. According to availability of the mountain guides the registration will be accepted or not. In normal case the tours will be forwarded to the guide three days before tourstart for further proceeding. The mountainguides office is authorized to cancel already proceeded tours shortly, reasons can be bad weather or any other act of nature beyond control. This can be done wihout any compensation to the customer!

Cancalation fee:
Basically no cancalation fees for rejections are planned. In case of your unfounded cancalation within 48 hours before the tour the assigned guide will claim the whole amount for the tour! Due to bad weather the tour can be canceled or postponed by the office. The final decision if the tour will happen or not is taken by the moutain guide. Although the customer whishes are important for our procedure!

Program change:
Due to safety reasons, wheater conditions or lack of skills of the customer the moutain guide is authorized to change or stop the tour at any time! For stopped or changed tours basically the whole amount for the primary planned tour will be charged. Concerning the individual case accommodating solutions can be offered.

The payment is done to 100% in cash to the mountain guide right after the tour!


The voucher has to be converted within two years from date of issue. Transfer money is not possible. In case of an increase of the rate within the period of validity, the amount of difference has to be paid in cash to the guide right after the tour. Beside the tour for climbing of Grossglockner you can use the voucher for all offers of the mountain guides association of Kals am Grossglockner. Please note the individual price variance concerning the size of the groups..