Old Kalser Way

The so called Old Kalser Way is the easiest way from the southside onto the Großglockner and nowadays the most used.
From the Kalser Glocknerstrasse to the Luckner hut and to the Stüdl hut it only takes 2,5 hours of easy hiking; further crossing the glacier called Ködnitzkees (beware of one big crevasse before the ridge starts), further to the ridge (rope belays) which leads directly to the Erzherzog-Johann-hut, the so called Adlersruhe (another 2,5 hours). From there on it takes you about 1,5 hours to the summit of Grossglockner.

Ausrüstung für Glocknerbesteigungen

Route information
Area Grossglockner southside
Kind of Tour high alpine tour
Difficulty UIAA grade II on the summit, 40° ice climbing
metres in altitude 1850 hm
Rate of Climb appr. 5 hours to the Erzherzog Johann hut, 1,5 hours to the summit
Client 14 years
Requirements good acclimation, physical shape for 400 highmetres / hour, footsureness, good head for hights
 Preis bei Führung ab StüdlhüttePreis bei Führung ab Lucknerhaus
3 Pers.250 € p.P290 € p.P
2 Pers.330 € p.P420 € p.P
1 Pers.570 €790 €



Route information:

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