Glacier Pasterze Trek


Only 150 years ago the Glacier Pasterze used to be some kilometres longer. Even though nowadays it is still the biggest glacier in Austria and the longest in the Eastern Alps! Trekking through its crevases lets you belive being reinstated to the ice age. Watching the deep blue ice you can feel the power and strengh of water being frozen thousands of years ago! The knowledge and technique of our mountain guides lets you experience a rewarding adventure in one of the big crevases which will be visited! It is truely a view into the mountain!

As a private guided tour we offer the Glacier Pasterze Trekking of course on all other days of the week too!

Route information
Area Glacier Pasterze
Kind of Tour Glacier trekking
Difficulty No specific difficulties
metres in altitude appr. 400hm per day
Rate of Climb appr. 4 hours
Client 6 years
Requirements Normal foot sureness
 Preis pro Person
Erwachsene125 €
Kinder bis 15 J.59 €



Route information:

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