Hoffmanns Route

The Hoffmanns Route is the most challenging route of the normal ways to the Grossglockner. Experience in crossing steep glaciers is necessary. In high summer when the Hoffmanns Glacier looses all its snowcover and ice is appearing this route is mostly done by experienced alpinists. As an alternative the beautiful rock climbing on the Meletzki Ridge can be offered. Starting point for both routes is the Kaiser Franz Josefs Hight. After crossing the Pasterze, the biggest glaciar in the eastern alps, the so called breakfast point is reached where these two routes seperate.

Route information
Area Glocknernordseite
Kind of Tour Hochalpintour
Difficulty Alpiner III Grat Eis bis 40°
metres in altitude ca. 1600 hm
Rate of Climb ca. 6 Stunden
Client 14 Jahre
Requirements Gute Akklimatisation, Kondition für 400 Höhenmeter / Stunde, Trittsicherheit, Schwindelfreiheit, Gletscherfahrung, Klettererfahrung
 Preis pro Person
2 Pers.420 €
1 Pers.790 €



Route information:

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