Meletzki Ridge

The ridges and ice couloires on Grossglockner are one of the best in the Eastern Alps. To do these routes good physical and mental qualities, footsure climbing and having a good head for heights is obligatory. Good planing of the tour and fast and safe belaying is necessary, skills which our mountain guides are well trained in!

The Meletzki Ridge is probably the easiest and most beautiful climb of all the ridges on Grossglockner. The perfect infrastructure for belaying on the ridge which was built by our guides make it a real pleasure to climb!

Route information
Kind of TourHochalpine Grattour
DifficultyAlpiner III Grat Eis bis 40°
metres in altitudeca. 1600 hm
Rate of Climbca. 6 Stunden Aufstieg
Client14 Jahre
RequirementsGute Akklimatisation, Kondition für 400 Höhenmeter / Stunde, Trittsicherheit, Schwindelfreiheit
 Preis pro Person
2 Pers.360 €
1 Pers.620 €



Route information:

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